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HF planning

HF's planning is based on social development and the megatrends of a world that is changing in parallel. We take the following developments into account in all our planning and thus achieve the highest level of quality for you.


In a society which faces increased security threats, in which the state seems to be overburdened with the various security needs, it is becoming more important to provide the security that you need yourself. Whether this relates to building, data or elementary security, the importance of electrical planning in this context is central. Our thoughts and actions are shaped by the demand to optimally guarantee your security in a world that is increasingly facing security threats.


We never see the planning of electrical infrastructure as something standard but always as an individual answer to your current and future requirements and questions. For us, planning means foresight as well as anticipating possible adaptation needs in the near or distant future.


People and machines are increasingly communicating via networks. This new culture of "openness" requires new internal and external infrastructures and the ability of "things" to "connect" with each other.

Environmental aspects

Environmental protection and resource conservation have become fundamental responsibilities with regard to any activities. In the future, buildings will be evaluated according to their environmental relevance as well as their use. Looking at the building as an elementary component of a new way of thinking requires a new approach to electrical planning.


As well as written communication, our face-to-face communication with you as our customer is extremely important to us. A meeting in person is necessary to achieve an optimum understanding of expectations. Many problems do not even arise during our planning because we have retained an important concept: we are still able to listen to you.

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