Digital development vs. HF-GmbH Elektroplanung


  Digital development HF-GmbH Elektroplanung

Apple defines the PDA

Commissioning of the GPS satellite system

Commissioning of the GPS satellite system


Long live LCD TVs

The commissioning of the toll system is delayed

10 years of HF-GmbH


The 1st Pocket Laser Beamer is presented

Blu-ray is the successor of the DVD

Europa-Park and DB are regular customers


3D without glasses, Panasonic releases the plasma prototype

84-inch 4K screen by Toshiba

Human-like robots sing and dance at Cebit

The 1.000th project begins


iPhone 7 is shipped

Smart Home - the Internet of Things - begins at home

The cathedral city of Cologne becomes the 2nd location


Face IT becomes the standard

Alexa, Siri etc. are part of the family

2 locations and 20 employees


Driverless cars / lorries are approved

Drone taxis conquer the airspace

Qualified planning services provided by our

- own fire protection experts
- own BIM manager
- own IT/media integrator


The Internet of Things is here. All home appliances communicate

The personal assistance system manages your daily routine

30 years old and still as young as ever

Both locations have the same team size and complement each other

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HF-GmbH and Social Media

To make it even better for you to know about the activities of HF-GmbH Elektroplanung and HF-GmbH International, we have set up the company pages on the following social media platforms.

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News from HF-GmbH

The Cologne branch of HF-GmbH Elektroplanung was founded for more than 4 years. Since the opening on April 1st, 2016, the HF Cologne team has been involved in several spectacular projects.

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It´s done!

Europa, USA, Arab Emirates,        …. We are ready for the world.

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HF International

HF goes global

For future project handling outside of Germany we will establish the HF GmbH International
in the next few days.

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HF International

In the meantime, the staff of HF-GmbH Elektroplanung is a good example of integration.

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Highlights 2019

The highlights ouf our companies history have been surpassed again and agin in the last years. Now we are honored to present you the highlights of 2019.

We prodly present you the highlights of the last year.

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TV-Spot on WELT

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Museum Hotel Kronasar


The new Kronasar theme hotel is very close to RULANTICA water world.

With its 276 rooms and 28 suites, the hotel, which is completely themed in the Nordic style of a museum, is another outstanding achievement in the history of the Europa-Park hotel resort.

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25 electrifying years

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today, on 07.07.2018, I would like to thank you, our customers, business partners, HF employees and friends, for placing your trust in us.

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25 years of HF-GmbH Elektroplanung in facts and figures

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Review of 2016

HF "relaunches" its corporate design and launches a cross-media, state-of-the-art image in 2016. Whether it is the new homepage or the two image folders, HF stands out thanks to its expressive visual language as well as appropriate communication with its customers and interested parties. The new HF claim to be "electrifyingly different" embodies HF's own DNA in a nutshell.

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Facts and figures

Bill Clinton follows on from George H. W. Bush (Sen.), the single European market comes into force, tennis player Monica Seles is the victim of an assassination attempt in Hamburg and German postcodes, which are over 40 years old, suddenly reach five figures with the crazy slogan "Fünf ist Trümpf". We are talking about 1993, the year in which HF-GmbH was established in Karlsruhe. Let’s pause for a moment and look back together at the dynamic development of HF over the past 20 years.

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2017 forecast

Despite the continuing slump on the market for skilled workers, HF has succeeded in filling new positions with highly-qualified employees. This shows that HF is considered to be a highly attractive and future-oriented employer, even beyond the borders of Karlsruhe, and is capable of exponential growth.

By increasing the number of permanent staff, we are able to form five high-performance teams: Each team consists of a planner and a CAD specialist. This applies to the headquarters in Karlsruhe, where five teams work, as well as the branch office in Cologne, where one team has been created.

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HF at the Waidmarkt in Cologne: on historical building ground.

HF-GmbH supervises planning projects throughout the country. The opening of the additional location in Cologne is therefore a logical development. "It is important to us to supervise projects with the necessary proximity. Short reaction times and face-to-face discussions with our customers are absolutely essential," explains Roland Hofmann, Managing Director of HF-GmbH.

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HF comeback & newcomer, a strong team in Cologne

Matthias Toldrian, the branch manager and project manager and his colleague Marius Dudaicevs, the qualified technical system planner for electrotechnical facilities and BIM Manager for Electrical Engineering are a well-coordinated team. They have a thorough understanding of planning and are looking forward to facing challenges together in one of the liveliest cities in Germany.

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"Change is the only constant in life" (Heraclitus of Ephesus)

The entire planning process for buildings is currently undergoing a structural change. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is currently the construction industry's most important push towards digitalisation. The change is receiving support from the initiative of the German Federal Government in autumn 2015, which stipulates that, from 2020, all public sector infrastructure projects must be planned using BIM in a standardised manner.

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BIM: must-have in the field of planning

“Cost explosion and years of construction delays”... everyone has seen the headlines about our well-known major projects in German construction at the moment, haven’t they?


This is partly due to a lack of coordination in the planning process. That certainly can’t be denied. But who has been able to truly solve this issue across all the trades so far?


This is why people were looking for a practicable solution. The solution is BIM!

BIM - Building Information Modelling.

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Let there be light

Since time immemorial light has been an elementary component that ensures our survival. By creating artificial light, we have now become independent of natural lighting conditions.


Therefore, light plays a decisive role in architecture as well as in electrical planning nowadays. Whether it is the clever interplay of artificial and natural light or the deliberate staging and accentuation of architecture as an integral part of the design, light shapes style.


In line with the importance of light, HF-GmbH has brought reinforcement into the company. Since 1st June 2016, Lighting Designer Ms Barbara Benkert, Dipl.-Ing. (Architecture), has been working for us in Karlsruhe.

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3... 2... 1... ready for BIM!

Here at HF, we plan in accordance with the expectations of our customers. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is, of course, part of this. With HF you can use the resulting potential to increase quality and efficiency in the construction and utilisation process.

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HF in Cologne - "Et kütt wie et kütt."

No, it wasn't the carnival, the cathedral or the Rhine that made us decide to open a branch in the beautiful city of Cologne. If things get serious on 1st April in Cologne, this is no April fool's joke but, rather, the logical result of our growth and customer-oriented company philosophy.

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