Strandhotel Darstein

Area:Winter garden, kitchen, new building, terrace, room renovation
Services:   HOAI, Lph 1 - 9

For many people from Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, the Altrip area, often known by locals as the "Blue Adriatic", is THE local recreation area and was created in the 1950s on the initiative of a dentist from Heidelberg. At the time of the beginning of the German economic miracle, the dentist also wanted to offer those who could not yet travel abroad the opportunity to enjoy a holiday. The ensemble of adjacent quarry lakes was created by extending a loop of the old Rhine which was partly silted up. One hotel stands out in particular on the site, which comprises around 35 hectares. Hotel Darstein. You can enjoy a wonderful view from its sun terrace: the guests are really close to the lake and wedding parties and other groups can enjoy a truly special day here.

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