Karlsruhe main railway station

Location:Karlsruhe, Germany
Area:Lighting design for station concourse, travel centre, DB registration office and sanitary facilities as well as various platforms
Services:   Lph 1 - 8

The main railway station in Karlsruhe is a rather plain building from the early 20th century, of which the main features are classical and Jugendstil elements. Partially destroyed during the war, it was later rebuilt and became an important hub, especially for the high-speed trains heading in the direction of France. The famous French high-speed train called TGV brings passengers to the French capital of Paris in just over 2 hours. The station concourse has literally been shining in new splendour for some time now. Thanks to a lighting design by HF that is as impressive as it is simple, the formerly dismal concourse has been transformed into an architectural structure with pleasant illumination.

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