ISCAR Germany

Location:Ettlingen, Germany
Area:Facades, canopy (at night) new auditorium, plasma wall, media technology, new construction of hall 3 with administration, display cabinets, LED show wall
Services:   HOAI, Lph 1 - 8; Consulting seit 2004

The German headquarters of the global company ISCAR GmbH in Ettlingen is another project implemented by HF GmbH. The product portfolio of ISCAR Germany GmbH covers the whole world of turning, drilling, milling and fine machining tools, as well as clamping fixtures and, primarily, also all the accompanying services. Established in 1972, ISCAR Germany GmbH now occupies a leading position in the worldwide production and distribution network of the IMC Group. The highly innovative company is one of the leading manufacturers on the market and generates approx. 80% of its turnover with products that are less than five years old.

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