Voletarium Venedig

Location:Rust, Germany
Services:   HOAI Section 55, Lph 1-8

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take-off at Europa-Park's new big attraction, the "Voletarium". The largest flying theatre on the continent offers its passengers a breath-taking flight over Europe in two auditoriums and takes them into the fascinating world of the aviation pioneers Kaspar and Eckbert Eulenstein. In the waiting area, the scenery transports the passengers into the world of the Eulenstein brothers at the beginning of the 19th century and, with the help of a talking drone, sets the scene for the special journey.

In flying machines which are like chair lifts, passengers glide spectacularly through the air on three floors and can marvel at sensational images of Europe's landscapes and metropolises on the screens, which are over 400 square metres in size. Effects such as wind, water and different scents, in combination with the corresponding gondola movements, give passengers a unique sense that they are flying. Highly sophisticated and unique camera systems, installed on helicopters and drones whilst flying over 15 characteristic sites and locations in Europe, produced sensational images with 8K resolution. The film music, played by a 60-piece film orchestra, intensifies the experience and creates a composition of image and sound that works perfectly with the pictures. Around 1000 people from all over the world have worked on this major attraction from the initial idea to its maiden voyage.

As the electrical planning company commissioned with the project and long-standing planning partner of Europa-Park, HF was able to impress its customer with its expertise in this exciting project. From the precise planning of the electrotechnical infrastructure to the technical management of the tradespeople carrying out the work, the project included many challenges to ensure timely and high-quality completion. The "Voletarium" opened in June 2017 and is the most expensive single attraction at Germany's largest theme park to date.

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