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Blue Fire

Location:Rust, Germany
Services:   HOAI, Lph 1-3, 5-8

HF also provided the fundamental voltage during the construction of the Blue Fire catapult rollercoaster at Europa-Park. Since April 2009, the catapult rollercoaster has been a visitor magnet in the Icelandic-themed area at Europa-Park.

Brave passengers race through a fascinating landscape of fire and ice, past rugged rock formations and waterfalls, at a height of 38 metres. After a fast catapult launch, the trains pass a short dark ride section and accelerate on an 80-metre stretch, reaching up to 100 kilometres an hour in 2.5 seconds. On the ride, which is over 1000 metres long, passengers can expect four unique overhead elements: first and foremost, the highest loop of a catapult rollercoaster (at 32 metres) in

the whole of Europe, as well as three daring 360° screws including a Twisted Horseshoe Roll and a Heartline Roll with acceleration forces of up to 3.8 G. The train seats are equipped with a revolutionary high-tech system. The sophisticated multimedia technology involves all the senses and makes your ride on the Blue Fire mega rollercoaster a breath-taking experience.

Without the reliable electrical planning by HF, however, the mega rollercoaster and “ISLAND” would not have been running as smoothly as it has for almost 10 years, to the delight of the Europa-Park operators. Perfect overall planning helps to ensure that up to 20,000 people can experience the fascination of Blue Fire every day.

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