Scandinavian village

Location:Rust, Germany
Services:   HOAI, Lph 1-3, 5-8

On 26th May 2018, the major fire at Europa-Park destroyed the areas with the Scandinavian and Dutch themes.

In the Dutch area, the "Pirates of Batavia" attraction was destroyed by the fire. This was devastating for the Mack family, Europa-Park and all its fans.

The remains of the fire had not even fully cooled when the planning work for the reconstruction of these two themed areas began. It also meant a lot to the HF team to be able to make an active contribution to this, of course.

After a short clean-up and construction period, the Camp David Shop was reopened as the first area on 25.05.2019, almost on the anniversary of the major fire. On 23.07.2019, everything was finally ready and the whole Scandinavian-themed area was opened with a celebration.

This consists of the

  • Camp David Shop
  • Is Huset (ice cream parlour)
  • Fjord Restaurant
  • Snorri Shop
  • Snorri tours (autumn 2019)
  • Junior Club
  • Ed and Edda Shop

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