Krønasår - the museum hotel

Location:Rust, Germany
Area:Hotel Krønasår
Services:   HOAI 1-8

The sixth adventure hotel at EUROPA-PARK opens its doors and impresses guests and visitors with the authentic Scandinavian theme. The gigantic construction project with 304 rooms / suites and 1300 beds offers everything that a modern hotel should offer in an area which comprises almost 6000 m2. With a project of this kind of size, it is particularly important to maintain high quality in the planning phase, but also to ensure flexibility in the implementation time. In this context, particular importance was attached to electrical planning. After all, almost everything in hotel buildings is now controlled electrically.

The electrical planning of the hotel rooms is only one part of the complex overall service. The numerous different main supply areas are much more complex to plan. This includes the reception, the food areas with kitchens and bars, the foyer, the lounge, conference and business areas and the back office of the hotel, plus the illuminated outdoor area. All of these electrotechnical tasks are extremely varied and therefore each require a completely different planning approach. But what makes KRØNASÅR unique is its size:

HF-GmbH, which already planned Bell Rock at EUROPA-PARK, as well as properties for Steigenberger, Holiday-Inn and private hotels, e.g. the Erbprinz in Ettlingen, had to plan this project on an enormous scale: 700 kilometres of power cable, 6000 sockets, 12,000 lights and more than 100 Wi-Fi routers were sketched and executed within the project period, which spanned almost 2 years.

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