Microchip Technology

Location:Heilbronn, Germany
Area:New location in Heilbronn
Services:   HOAI, 1-8

The American semiconductor manufacturer Microchip Technology has already had its second building planned by HF in Germany. At the Heilbronn Schwabenhof site, an almost exact copy of a building which the Karlsruhe electrical planners had previously been asked to plan not far from their own site in Karlsruhe was created.

The research carried out by Microchip Technology at the new premises in Heilbronn is primarily in the automotive sector. The chips, which are developed here not far from the Neckar River and tested in the company’s own measuring chambers, will later be used in vehicles a few kilometres up the river and will control a wide variety of functions in passenger cars. The proximity to some of the major German car manufacturers is no coincidence but, rather, is part of the strategic orientation and the historical development of the semiconductor business in the region.

HF's electrical planning covers all areas of this project. In addition to the usual requirements for an office building, the company attached particular importance to the purpose-oriented equipment of the research laboratories as well as, in particular, the test-compliant design of the absorber chamber for electromagnetic radiation, which is a special feature of the company.

In the specially built test laboratory, tests are carried out to determine whether the microchips themselves emit electromagnetic radiation and could therefore contaminate the environment and whether they are sufficiently immune to external radiation. Of course, the electrical installation here had to be planned in such a way that it would not influence the measurement results, but would still be easily accessible and modifiable.

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