New construction of a production and assembly hall for wind generators for Siemens AG

Location:Cuxhaven, Germany
Services:   Planning/documentation

In the context of the energy revolution, wind is one of the most important forms of renewable energy. By 2017, renewable energies had achieved a market share of 36.2 percent. The aim of the energy revolution in Germany is to primarily obtain the country’s energy from renewable sources, such as wind and water power, solar energy, geothermal energy or renewable raw materials, by 2050. To meet this challenge, investments such as those made by Siemens at the Cuxhaven site are necessary and important. On an area comprising 170,000 square metres (approx. 24 football pitches) right next to the port, a factory for the production and assembly of offshore wind turbines is currently being built with the help of HF-GmbH. For Siemens, the new plant in northern Germany is one of the most important investment projects it has entered into in recent years, with an investment volume of 200 million euros.

The production of turbine buildings for the new D7 wind turbine generation has now started. This includes the final assembly of generators, as well as hubs and nacelle parts, which are then used to build the turbine buildings for the offshore wind turbines. Thanks to the favourable location of the new site, expensive overland transport could be avoided, as heavy components can be loaded directly onto transport ships.

HF-GmbH was commissioned by Alpiq Infra AG from Zurich to carry out the electrical planning for the production and assembly hall. Due to the enormous usable area comprising approx. 56,000 m² (including outdoor facilities for implementation, factory and assembly planning), the complex infrastructure and the challenging demands of the users, extremely complex planning steps and detailed designs were required. These were carried out so professionally by HF that the further order for the preparation of the documentation for the entire electrical infrastructure was placed straight after this. The services include KG 440 and 450.

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