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Hochmoseltal Bridge

Location:Near Zeltingen-Rachtig, Germany
Area:Civil engineering
Services:   HOAI 1-8

Anyone who thinks that electrical planning is just a discipline of structural engineering is mistaken. Every civil engineering project also requires an electrical infrastructure. In this regard, the type of structure which is involved is relatively secondary. Tunnels, roads and even bridges require monitoring, control, measurement and regulation mechanisms in order to ensure smooth operation based on dedicated electrical planning. A good example of this is the Hochmoseltal bridge.

The construction, which is being built in the Bernkastel-Wittlich district on the Moselle, is a project of superlatives: from autumn 2019, the Hochmosel bridge will be one of the largest bridges in Germany and will be even taller than Cologne Cathedral. At a height of around 160 metres, the structure will span 1.7 kilometres across the Moselle valley.

The Hochmosel bridge is part of a major infrastructure project which aims to create an arterial road connection to the Belgian/Dutch North Sea ports and a link between the Belgian conurbations and the Rhine-Main region.

The project is of huge importance in terms of structural policy and is one of the most important large-scale transport projects in the country. This connection is also intended to improve the development of the western Eifel region. This will make it easier to safeguard existing jobs and create new ones.

In this project, HF-GmbH designed the electrical infrastructure in the bridge piers, the box beams and abutments, which are important for control tasks, and provided support during the implementation.

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